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Eaton-Cox And The Great Hyphenate Debate

To hyphenate or not to hyphenate. That is the question. If you’re Anna Wang and you’re marrying Brad Holder; or if you’re Katrina Busch and you’re marrying Matthew Hacker; or if you’re Kelly Long and you’re marrying Eric Wiwi, maybe hyphenating isn’t such a great idea. Allow me to repeat: Wang-Holder, Busch-Wacker, Long-Wiwi. Now, if your name is Treva […]

Welcome To Registry Hell

I never thought shopping could be such torture until I got engaged. Suddenly, something I previously found fun, and maybe even therapeutic, has become pure torment. Registry shopping is like retail waterboarding – cruel and unusual. The selection is overwhelming. There are so many choices, so many decisions, so many brands, models, gadgets, and so […]

27 Dresses And A Whole Lot Of Drapery

Here’s what I wanted:  a wedding dress that reflected my essence, style, and personality.  I wanted something lightweight that I could move in; something elegant, but simple; something that didn’t show too much skin and was age-appropriate; something not obnoxiously priced, claustrophobically tight, or overwhelmingly poofy. And of course, something white since I’m still a […]