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Treva and I share great tips for those guys who get no matches online.  We also talk about Treva’s book, Done Being Single and how she came to be a late blooming bride.

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I Think the Trick to Finding Love Is Learning to Take It When It Comes, A review of ‘Done Being Single’ by Treva Brandon Scharf

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Get To Know Treva Brandon Scharf, author of Done Being Single, on The Table Read Magazine

Dating Games Podcast

This round Treva Brandon Scharf is here chatting commitment phobia, where to meet people and the worst dating trends…


Do you love yourself? What does self-love mean? How do you show it? We asked 25 experts “Why is self-love important?”

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

Treva Brandon Scharf is the author of the new book Done Being Single: A Late Bloomer’s Guide to Love. Also a life coach and fitness professional, she co-hosts the podcast Done Being Single with her husband.

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I want women to meet Mr. Right, and I want men to be Mr. Right. I root for men to do the right thing, and I want women to follow suit. Because when it comes down to it, you all want the same thing: honesty, decency, and respect.