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Treva Brandon Scharf is an ICF-certified life coach, dating coach, fitness professional, and marriage first-timer at 51. A lifelong athlete with a lifetime of singles experience, Treva knows first-hand how to build resilience, overcome limiting beliefs, and eliminate the obstacles to finding love and success.

As a trainer, Treva changes bodies; as a life coach, she changes lives. As a post-50 influencer, Treva is a strong voice for midlife empowerment for both men and women. Through her blogs, podcasts, online summits, interviews, articles, and private coaching, Treva motivates, inspires, and kicks ass.

When you work with Treva, you commit to self-improvement on every level: from feeling positive about your body to feeling positive about your potential. Her style is intuitive and interactive. She includes personal growth, creative exercises, guided visualization, fitness, even astrology into her coaching program. And she gets results.

If you’re looking to level up, reinvent yourself, date smarter, or find your greatness within, you’ve come to the right place. Treva’s tough love coaching will help you achieve your personal best in life and love.

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Dating and Relationships Over 50: Things Women Say & What They REALLY Mean?? What Men Need to Know!

Unlike men, most women never really say exactly what they mean, especially during a festering argument when emotions are involved. Thus, many relationships have suffered the consequences of men taking a woman’s statement or response at face value. Today, writer and dating coach Treva Brandon Scharf,…

Dating Over 50: New Dating Trends? How the Pandemic and Online Dating Have Changed Dating Behavior!

Dating over 50? Welcome to a new dating world! Today, dating and life coach Treva Brandon Scharf gives us her candid take on post-pandemic dating trends “you need to know”, as released by Plenty of Fish, a popular online dating app.  Plenty of Fish polled over 2,000 U.S. members and found that…

185. Finding Love Over 50 During COVID – Guest Expert Treva Brandon Scharf

Treva Brandon Scharf is an ICF-certified life coach, dating expert, fitness pro, blogger, and marriage first-timer at 51. Listen Now

The Late Blooming Bride Blogs

most precious person-painting

Stop Waiting For People To Love You

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things we do for love. The knots we twist ourselves into, the hoops we jump through. In the pursuit of love (affection, acceptance, and approval too), we compromise our standards and abandon our identity. We work too hard, wait too long, and people-please…
andy warhol-quote-love

If You Ask Me, Love Isn't Blind Enough

Before online dating, before dating apps, social media, and the internet, there was this thing called a “Blind Date.” Your friends or family would fix you up with someone--like their cousin or cute dentist--and you’d say yes. First, you’d ask some questions, get some general information,…

A Bad Relationship is a Terrible Thing to Waste

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” – Epictetus *  *  * I have a client who just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, and even though she's heartbroken, she knew it had to end. The…

Put Yourself On Your Own Damn Pedestal

There was a time in my life when love was so elusive, when committed relationships felt so unobtainable, and marriage so out of reach, it had me convinced I wasn’t good enough, and that everyone was too good for me. I was in my late 40s, still single, and on a horrible losing streak. Nonstarters…
Donald Trump-Make Love Great Again

Breaking Up With Donald Trump

We lasted four years together, which is shocking since I didn't think we’d make it past his 2017 inauguration. I thought we were over so many times; I thought he was out the door; I thought we were splitsville, but after every fuck up, controversy, or scandal, he managed to hang in there, for better…

Undecided Voters, Maybe You Should Rub One Out

I came across a Reddit thread the other day about "Post Nut Clarity." I had no idea what the term meant, but the word "nut" gave me a clue. So after scrolling down a few hundred comments from mostly horny millennial guys, it became clear: Post nut clarity is an epiphany or realization you have after…
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Treva’s Statement On COVID-19

The pandemic has turned our world upside down. The way we live, interact, and connect, have all have been disrupted. Being single seems harder, dating feels more challenging, and it takes more effort to stay focused and motivated. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are creative solutions and…
William-McRaven-Texas-Commencement Speech

10 Life & Love Lessons from Me and Navy SEAL Admiral McRaven

I bet you didn't know (and I'm sure he doesn't know either) but Navy SEAL Admiral William H. McRaven is an accidental dating and relationship expert. When he offered his 10 life lessons in a commencement speech to the University of Texas at Austin, he wasn't exactly talking about LOVE, but he could've…
woman falling

Falling In Love Is Scary AF

Falling in love is a death-defying act. You're head-over-heels, topsy-turvy, with zero gravity, zero certainty, and no way of knowing which way is up. When you fall in love, you have no control, no grip, no balance. You're vulnerable, powerless, dizzy, exposed. You don’t know how you’ll land,…
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Dating Post-50: You Just Might Get What You Need

So what does a single man in midlife looking for love really want? A lot less than you’d think. A few weeks ago I read an article about a widow in her 50s named Kerry McAvoy, who had just entered the online dating world after 30 years of marriage. What she found shocked her, but it didn’t shock…
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Single In A Pandemic? You've Got Options

How’s your dating life going since the pandemic? Non-existent or “what pandemic?” Has it ground to a halt or going gangbusters? Have you gone into hibernation or gone wild? Or, have you realized you just don’t give a shit and deleted all your dating apps? There’s no bad answer here. It’s…

Post-COVID Dating: The People You Still Need To Avoid

There's going to come a time when life gets back to normal, and normal dating will resume. Other than still practicing some social distancing and washing your hands every five seconds, chances are, you'll still be the same person you were before the pandemic, and so will the people you'll be dating. Except…

Vulnerability Is The New Black

Did you see Brené Brown’s interview on CBS 60 Minutes a few weeks ago, where she sang the praises of vulnerability? It spoke to me. In fact, it moved me so much, I watched it again online because I didn’t want to miss a single piece of her wisdom. And it wasn’t just wisdom she doled out, it was…

Keeping Love Alive In The Time Of Coronavirus

If there was ever a time to rethink how we love and live, it's now. The coronavirus has changed life as we know it: how we live, function, do business, socialize, and date. But all is not bleak. Life will go on, and hopefully with more awareness and mindfulness. In the time of coronavirus, I think…

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