Private Coaching

Treva is more than a dating coach, she’s a dating trainer, who brings over 35 years of professional fitness, and a lifetime of athletic experience to her practice. Her tough love approach for both men and women, maximizes personal power and gets results.

Whatever your goal, Treva will help you find your greatness within.

When you collaborate with Treva, you commit to self-improvement on every level, from feeling positive about your body, to feeling positive about your potential.

Together, you will work like coach and athlete to achieve your personal best.

Benefits you’ll gain by partnering with Treva:

  • Greater clarity to create your vision and see your path forward.
  • More courage and conviction to achieve your goals.
  • Increased confidence to aim higher in life.
  • Improved self-worth to get what you’re deserving of.
  • Smarter strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • Healthier relationships, friendships, and partnerships.

Private coaching sessions include:

Creating Your Personal Vision

When you have a personal vision, you have a plan for future success. A powerful personal vision is jet fuel to propel you further and faster toward your goals.

Establishing Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S:     specific: concrete, tangible steps

M:     measurable: quantifiable progress and victories, big and small

A:     achievable: something you are capable of doing, in bite size pieces.

R:     realistic: something you can do given everything else in your life.

T:      time-limited

Identifying Your Fears

We’ll look at past performance, habits and patterns, and do a deep dive into the limiting thinking and beliefs that keep you from realizing your potential.

Strategizing Your Single Life

Survival skills and strategies to conquer single life, increase your self-reliance, or up your dating game. Includes designing online dating profiles, dating guidance, and singles support.

Break-Up Rehab

Heal your heart and regain your emotional strength with a rock solid plan to help you move on with power and dignity.

Daily Rituals:

  • Best practices to release anger, find forgiveness, attract abundance and love.
  • Exercises that increase flow and momentum.
  • Homework to hardwire it all into your brain.

Access to all my other services and resources, including:

  • My recommended blog and book list
  • Health and wellness practitioners
  • Fitness advice and workout tips
  • Other secrets and tools

Skype sessions, text and email support, post-session notes:

Everything you need to stay accountable and on-task.

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“My friend, Treva, has been a notable, successful and professional dating coach for several years now.

She shares her expertise with experience, sympathy and with an insight going forward from wherever you are in your life at the time to where you want to go.  I have worked with Treva for a while, she helped me “Find me”  and then  prepare me to find an awesome gal to have a wonderful relationship with.  It worked, I found her, I’m extremely fortunate and very appreciative of Treva’s efforts.  Treva rocks! “

Steve B.

“It’s my honor and pleasure to recommend Treva as a dating coach.  She not only gave me a helpful “woman’s perspective”, she helped me to look at things in ways I had not before.  And Treva is there for you with a willing ear and sound advice whenever you call her.”

Kenny M.