Private Coaching

Treva is more than a dating coach, she’s a dating trainer, who brings over 35 years of professional fitness experience, and a lifetime of being an athlete to her practice. Her program for both men and women, is designed to improve your dating skills, strengthen your resolve, build confidence, and increase your overall emotional fitness.

When you work privately with Treva, you commit to self-improvement on every level, from feeling good about your body, to feeling positive about your potential. Her tough love approach to love and life gets results.

Treva’s coaching works, but only if you work it.

Private coaching sessions include:

Goal Setting:

Determine what you want, what you don’t, and decide your plan of action.

Facing Fears:

Looking at past performance, habits, and patterns, and the limited thinking that holds you back from success and self-actualization. Learning how to take charge and be the boss of your own happiness.

Break-Up Rehab:

Proven methods that will heal your heart, give you direction, jump start your mojo, and help you move on with power and dignity.

Singles Support:

Guidance for living your best single life. Survival skills and strategies for those new to the singles world, or for those who’ve been there forever. Includes online profile design, social media tips, and networking ideas and suggestions.

Daily Rituals:

  • Maintenance for mind, body, and soul.
  • Exercises that increase love flow and self-acceptance.
  • Best practices to release anger, and find forgiveness.
  • Manifest love and abundance.
  • Homework to hardwire it all into your brain.

Access to all my other services and resources, including:

  • Recommended books and blogs
  • Self-Improvement practitioners
  • Fitness advice and workout routines
  • Other secret tips and tricks

Skype sessions, text and email support, post session notes:

Everything you need to help you stay on task.

Individual one-hour coaching sessions and packages are available.

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“My friend, Treva, has been a notable, successful and professional dating coach for several years now.

She shares her expertise with experience, sympathy and with an insight going forward from wherever you are in your life at the time to where you want to go.  I have worked with Treva for a while, she helped me “Find me”  and then  prepare me to find an awesome gal to have a wonderful relationship with.  It worked, I found her, I’m extremely fortunate and very appreciative of Treva’s efforts.  Treva rocks! “

Steve B.

“It’s my honor and pleasure to recommend Treva as a dating coach.  She not only gave me a helpful “woman’s perspective”, she helped me to look at things in ways I had not before.  And Treva is there for you with a willing ear and sound advice whenever you call her.”

Kenny M.