Treva is more than a dating coach, she’s a dating trainer, who brings over 35 years of professional fitness, and a lifetime of athletic experience to her practice. Her tough love approach for both men and women, maximizes personal power and gets results.

Whatever your goal, Treva will help you find your greatness within.

When you collaborate with Treva, you commit to self-improvement on every level, from feeling positive about your body, to feeling positive about your potential.

Together, you will work like coach and athlete to achieve your personal best.

Benefits you’ll gain by partnering with Treva:

  • Greater clarity to create your vision and see your path forward.
  • More courage and conviction to achieve your goals.
  • Increased confidence to aim higher in life.
  • Improved self-worth to get what you’re deserving of.
  • Smarter strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • Healthier relationships, friendships, and partnerships.